At the front steps of the Colorado capital last night to remember the nearly 6000 lives lost in Colorado do took over 19 spent a year Colorado. It's been a hard here. No one's emerged. Other skate. We've all felt that pain. And made sacrifice. The governor's office requested Coloradans illuminate their outdoor lights and magenta for the evening for the rememberance. Mayor Hancock says he never thought we'd be talking about covert for a full year. I thought, you know, at the most a few months and we will get through this, and we would have a normal summer in 2020. Today is the one year anniversary of the first reported case of covert 19 in Colorado. He says he's hopeful because of the vaccines and is excited that the vaccine events of the comic days for underserved communities. Ma Bella will have to there will put Bear Valley on Sunday M Okay Rec center on Tuesday Bottom rec center on Wednesday. The mayor says outreach efforts are underway in those communities to schedule appointments. Even with a million people in Colorado vaccinated against Kobe 19. Dr J. P. Vallon with S E L Health says you still need to wear a mask. We don't know whether people who have been vaccinated. They likely won't get infected and won't get sick from Cove. It could maybe a carrier of it, He says it takes about two weeks to fully develop immunity or antibodies to the virus. SCL health would give out 5002nd doses of the Copan 19 vaccine this weekend at the National Western Complex, and Denver Police say a man wanted in connection with the domestic violence. Homicide is turned himself in. Manual. Chandler is being held for investigation of first degree murder in the death of Roxanne Martinez. She died last week before she could testify in a Pueblo murder trial. Our next updates. 1 30. I'm Jodi Jordan Ko a news radio a 50 A M 94 1 f f

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