Mary-Frances Winters (Ep. 13, 2021)

In Black America


Support for in black. America comes from the all of us research program. Nearly forty percent of the us are people of color up to ninety percent of research. Participants are white without diversity in research not everyone equally from the healthcare advances that come as a result all of us is focused on involving more underrepresented groups in medical research to close the gaps in healthcare outcomes. Learn how you can participate at join all of us dot org slash in black america from the university of texas at austin k. Ut radio this is in black. america. That's why i wrote the book black the peak because it's the tv generation after generation to have the same story. So you know. I was in the workforce. You know thirty six thirty eight years ago. But i'm hearing from the younger people in the reason i wrote the book. Actually it's because millennials. Were telling me when i went into organizations doing the work that the winters group does. They were saying. You know we're tired. we're in boston. I like thirty years old. Rusted already and they look at me with outside. I say we're exhausted. So if the younger generation is exhausted from microaggressions than the racism that is in the workplace you know think about the generation the new generation coming into play so let's generation after generation. And so that's why i wrote the book it's intergenerational fatigue. We have not fixed the issues. I have conversations with clients that i had thirty years ago. And they're the same conversations. I was shocked when George floyd happened and then all of the company started put out statements about anti racism and these yields were claiming. We didn't know mary. Frances winners. founder and president of the winners group inc and author of black fatigue. Roll body and spirit published by the red colour. Publishers black-fatigue is the physical and psychological toll on african americans daily lives as a result of systematic racism. The damage wrought by racism isn't the only atrocity so powerfully condemned and their demonstrations and protests around the world is to cast a barrage of everything from daily michael aggression to over acts of tallahassee. That i captured on cell phones until we address. This thing won't change in a book. Winning make clear that african americans are exhausted from the long history of latent racism in nine chapters winners exploration on the subject is not only proof of racial disparity but a step by step guide designed to educate and what african americans can do about it. I'm john henson junior. And welcome to another edition up in black america on this week's program black-fatigue with mary frances winners in black america. So are we have been you know in this. Mindset of equality. Just give everybody the same thing when you're starting from deficit. Starting from not having had the same thing you know you need to give people what they need. In order to succeed so the image in the book that you're talking about is like the three little kids trying to see over offense to baseball game. And they gave. They gave all the kids the same size box. Well you know one child was tall and he didn't need a box. Another child was very short. She needed to box in. The third child was in a wheelchair and didn't need a box at all. Neither the ram you know in order to get to see and so when we think about equity that equity so equity is when you know when we give people what they need. Equality is talking about giving people all the same thing. And i maintain that we need to get to equalities black teague phenomena with which african americans are all too familiar drawing for my own experiences as the first generation. American born of african canadian parents her joys of racism in education and in corporate america and deeply researched facts esotique mystics. Lack fatigue highlight the issue of white supremacy and racist systems that led to african american energy generation of fatigue if focus on the impact of black fatigue on african americans and on society. The racist system is not just lily. Killing african-americans is tearing this nation. Apart in every aspect of life from socioeconomic to education the workforce criminal justice and very importantly health outcomes. Mary fashioned winners has a well-deserved reputation as one of the country's most courageous voices on race. She has spent over three decades. Inspiring

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