The opposition going abroad call it is set to survive. The vote


The tech firm has blamed on China. The White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, described it as an active threat. Will Leonardo has the details? Jen Psaki said that while the scope of the hacking of Microsoft exchange was still being investigated, the attack could have far reaching impacts. Words illustrate increasing concern of the White House days after the tech firm raised the alarm about attempts to compromise email service, which have blamed on a Chinese state backed hacking group. Sources involved in the investigation said on Friday that at least 20,000 US organizations have been affected and many more worldwide. The U. S National Security advisor Jake Sullivan has tweeted to urge firms to install patches released by Microsoft. Pakistan's Prime minister Imran Khan faces a confidence vote in parliament shortly days after suffering an unexpected setback. Reporting from Islamabad. Second, a commanding Tribal estate broad car that is ruling party called this vote of confidence as a way of reaffirming his strength following a surprise electoral defeat in a crucial Senate seat earlier this week. The opposition going abroad call it is set to survive. The vote

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