How to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Seattle


President Biden announcing more vaccine is on its way to the Northwest, and that there should be enough for every adult to be vaccinated by June 1st as comas. Bryant Calvin reports that's putting a little pressure on local health officials. Everyone has been complaining. There's just not enough vaccine. If the White House is accurate, there will soon be a ton of the precious commodity headed our way. Snohomish County executive Dave Summers. I assure you, we are prepared for the day when we get an adequate supply. We have far more capacity ready to go to deliver vaccines. Then we have vaccines, but others aren't as confident that Sean's don't save Lives. Vaccination Save life Professor Ken Steadman at Portland State University is excited that more vaccine is coming with reservations. This is awesome news science has worked. We still have after have to be very careful about how we get that distribution to happen. Many, like Stedman worry it could take weeks before there's enough infrastructure to get the increased number of vaccines into people's

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