Tesla's Bitcoin Selling Is More Than Digital Gold


What's going on guys. It is tuesday april twenty-seventh and today we are talking about why you shouldn't be stressed about elon. Musk selling two hundred and seventy two million dollars in bitcoin yesterday. Oh whoa of woes. We were betrayed like benedict. Arnold come back to life to give away the heart of our country like the red wedding. Game of thrones but even more violent. We were betrayed. At least that's what you would have thought looking at. Bitcoin twitter yesterday but to understand this. We need a little bit of context. This entire leg of the bitcoin bull market was sparked by tesla's february announcement of one point five billion dollars of bitcoin treasury. It also gave us one of the most iconic a bitcoin space. In retrospect it was inevitable. It put the world's richest man and the internet's most prolific memes ter- in our corner it gave other massive corporations some pause that perhaps it wasn't just a micro strategy doing this bitcoin treasury thing. Of course tesla buying bitcoin. Also flared up some additional tensions. Climate fudd has been significantly worse since the announcement instead of seeing ilan's involvement as evidence that bitcoins energy impact has been overstated and fearmongers. It instead proved to be confirmation too many that ellen has been full of crap about his commitment to the environment from the beginning you on. Musk is in spite of his great wealth. A highly controversial

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