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What's not. I am very very happy. Emplaced to have a man who has come from a wonderful background. who's creating some amazing things within our crypto and digital assets spice. I'm dying to look down because the name is a bit of a mouthful. I know much and it is safe. Lynn who is the founder one of the founders of elegant and also connects. Thank you so much for your time. today hello crate. It's a pleasure for me to be here. Might look has been a little while number released proper interviews and ready sit in in the projects because there's two of them all these. We're gonna focus mostly on the annex. Oughta things but i do want to ask you first and foremost like i always do. What's your background. What were you doing before you came in to tell us a bit about your story. Okay no problem. So actual lamp comfortable grip the beckham. Two thousand seventeen and we have a lot of different ideas on live. I was focused on the last one. Blockchain protocol so we started Develop the ankle network from scratch. We have a way actually happy that we are finally Create the super strong team. So i actually like all of my team member commanders because we are super card workers. It's a team of genius engineers. And we have readily strong academic research team. And the before that i it. Two thousand fourteen hours jumped guide to business. I was on before that back in two thousand. I think it was two zero three so almost twenty years ago. It started as in denver. Your and they open maters business and always was a businessman so i always was a founder so it was a event marketing business online. Have the officer some biggest citizen the russia's so it was fifty plus members we work with different dimensional team like we were making the grand opening ceremony the marketing campaign for big grants and so on and the beckham two thousand fourteen was opened the biggest event marketplace. It's like uber. For artists and With database of thousand different artists are all lower. The russia's cis ukraine belarus and it was not successful and i was closed them two thousand seventeen so i know what is the feeling also bad experience. Let me say that it is very important for business so unites from two thousand fourteen seven. Seventy s deem. Itn crucial. i like. I like the honesty to the values because any entrepreneur which you are i am We've all had them and to be honest as a try for one. You know it's when you do that you'll biggest lessons. Come if you're ivan mod enough the people around you and the riots no records of things you actually dine a lot more from your failures. I mean look audit have any mole. Let me be auto. I feel anymore but the A such important part me looking at instagram and facebook and twitter and everyone's talking about success showing their watches. Look at me on a private jet. Oil is so to stop but the reality is is abandoned entrepreneur. It's a massive sacrifice often a thankless task. Because you've hiwa staff you stick to your ideals your beliefs your ideologies and it's hot. It's very very hard to guys through a failure which have to buy bang through that to bounce back and go hod. I think that just makes character. And i appreciate that now. What we can into him for example which is am anybody who's wondering how to find that. E and to the queen and finale. An av eggplant. An what's the purpose what you're gonna couple of things going on my what. Why did you create this as a land. One was a motivation Really good question so the idea was quite simple. We was trying to often door for of the people to began as barth of the blockchain saw. It's a sound so easily Great and what we did. We create the we use them some academic researchers paper which was great by field people back thousands Fifteen one of them was chatting relief from light coin One of them was alex mizraki.

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