Ingenuity Flies on Mars


Rabbi like this This headline in flying magazine ingenuity becomes the first aircraft to fly on another planet that means the aircraft from earth to fly on another planet correct. Okay picky picky picky. Other people liked the title. I'm i'm sorry if you're unhappy. I didn't get your memo. It's so no i. I really thought it was nice. That they when the copter flew What did it go. I think one up to three feet so a meter three time three meters the first flight three meters the first flight okay But did the last very long no just thirty seconds. It will hovered for thirty seconds and the total flight was thirty. Nine seconds. well great. So what do you need me for now. But i really thought this was pretty cool. That they They attached a A piece of the original wright brothers flyer to the machine and So when it took off it was also i and i. I wonder how many people really thought about it that way. I mean if this had been nine hundred sixty nine again when they first landed on the moon and people went insane. It's one thing. But i bet a lot of people didn't even know what was going on that. That's always a shame because they put so much work into into making this thing go And but it it. Each flight has gotten a little longer.

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