A highlight from Kiefer Sutherland & Jason Patric: Lost Boys in Los Angeles


Pick up cool sweet merch favorites on the album. Guys how are you. Ryan gun noise and i was scared. Me frightened We did something fun. The other night we did we went to I rented a feeder out. You could do that so it's safe and everybody wore masks. And there was twenty well as play like fifteen of us and we saw back to the future. A private theater i hadn't been to with feeder. I didn't realize how much i love the feeder or the theater. A theater until i was there at the end it was really fun back to the future. So good and seen it awhile. I think the last time. I saw Future was also in theater for like the twenty fifth anniversary which had been ten years ago. Wow and you love just as much. Yeah it's it's one that you have to. You have to see it in the theater. It was really a good time. I will say that so you know. There are some light at the end of the tunnel. we had good times. Nice to be with friends I told everybody who get their fifteen minutes early. And i was late because Well i was at the wrong theater. So there you have it Thanks for coming to the stage at guys that means the world to me Every last saturday of the month i do a stage. It with rob are banned son span and we play music. We have prizes zooms and all that stuff and it was just a really good time. Great turnout and i just wanna say everybody for the support and love and hope he had fun. Hope you had a good time If you The most important thing here is Subscribing to the podcast. If you're here for kiefer sutherland and jason patric while thank you for being here. I appreciate it but if you want to help this little podcast. That could tell them

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