A highlight from Hustle Culture Is A Lie. What's Your WHY Behind Your Work? Hustle Vs Hardwork With Jordan Lee Dooley.

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What's a friend. Welcome back to the show. I'm so happy you're here. What's going on chicken. But how's your heart. How's your but what is up. Today is all about hustle culture. And maybe you're in this season right now where you feel like no matter how hard you work you are constantly behind and it's not enough. It's never enough. You can never work hard enough. And you're terrified to take even one day off as an entrepreneur because of the fear of falling behind and the fear of you not being enough and maybe you're sacrificing your health right now for your business. I mean listen you know. I love gary v. I love gary a love gear gear. We're best friends. He just doesn't know it. You know it's one of those relationships but anyways i know that it's so easy to scroll instagram and to see a lot of these leaders in entrepreneurship reaching that you've gotta hustle. You've gotta hustle and yes you do need to work extremely hard but when does it go too far. And is it worth sacrificing your health and your sleep in order to build a successful business. And i'm here to tell you. It's not honestly after eleven years of being an entrepreneur. I'm a huge fan of work. Life balance. Now i really. I don't regret anything. Because this is my life. And god has the plan for me. But i i look back and i hustle my face off. I didn't have a lot of work life. I didn't have a big social life. I started this at nineteen years old and my college dorm room. I posted a blog in started creating content and became obsessed with digital marketing. And i stayed really consistent. And i don't regret that because i do believe that that was necessary for that time of my life and now at thirty one looking at my life holistically and i'm not trying to work as hard as possible and make as much money as possible just for the sake of proving to somebody that can or proving to my parents are proving to others so that i can post on social media and saying look how much i made i just. That's not what i want anymore. What i want is to be happy and have peace and balance and yes to work hard but honestly it's now coming from a place of creativity and service and giving back versus. I need to work my face off. Twenty four seven to prove to others. That i'm worthy enough and that i can be successful and i know a lot of entrepreneurs that have a crapload of money. But they're exhausted and they're not healthy and that to me is not success to me. Success is being healthy and having time freedom. so i've really shifted my perspective on success over the last few years. And like i said in the beginning i was hustling twenty four seven. I mean i wouldn't even go out to parties. I didn't even date a lot for a while. I just had my head down. And i was obsessed. I was obsessed. And i still work extremely hard but i don't have that same need to prove myself and i've really worked on those childhood wounds around meetings improve my self worth to my parents order to be worthy to be loved and that's where a lot of its from right is this. Is this child and us that wants to prove to our parents or two others that we can be successful. And i know that i fell into this trap on social media a few years ago when i felt like in order to be liked and to be loved and to be accepted and respected i had to show my income and i had to show my cars and my house and these things that are just so ego driven and i just don't care about that as much anymore just kind of like i don't i don't live for that approval and i'm not perfect but i'm really now trying to work from a place of service and humility and creativity and passion versus working from a place of i need to prove to others. I can be successful. And they're such big difference because one of them. It feels good temporarily my friend but it doesn't last. It's not a sustainable fuel. And that is what today's conversation with my good friend and bestselling author jordan. Lee duly is all about. Why are you doing what you do. And are you neglecting your health in order to build a business or two gain significance and are you remembering to be proud of yourself and give yourself grace and celebrate and enjoy the journey versus being so obsessed with your work that you forget to look up and look around at your life. You are a human being. And i know that as an ambitious woman i feel you get you. We can sometimes see ourselves as machines but you are human and it's so important to take care of your health and your human needs in addition to your business and never never neglect your health. I

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