A highlight from Ep 168: The Whiteness of Wealth with Dorothy Brown



Boy and i think we could've nato out other regress. Oh this is what. I'm thinking of as i lay here with my swollen lymph nodes. I did want to share. One thing. we'll see is that it's a little bit of like prep for my second. Kobe vaccine and i made myself some beef bone broth sofer my meat consuming friends I'm going to include a recipe in our show notes that i followed very loosely. I have it very nice to have on hand. And it's so easy so easy and i just slurp it in among so anyway i will include my beef bone broth recipe. But it's really nice to sick when you're like have the chills or feel feverish and that sort of thing. Yeah okay okay. So that's what's new with me as i've been here consuming your favorite tv show. What's going on over there okay. So i'm reading a new book. It is non-fiction. It has called empire of pain and it is the new biography. I guess of the sorry. The full title is pain. The secret history of the sackler dynasty and as written by patrick radin keefe. Who wrote that book. Say nothing about ireland. That i didn't read because it seemed to depressing. Oh i don't. I've never even heard of this book. But it's it's pretty fascinating okay. So if you're into like big sweeping family saga nonfiction wrongdoing malfeasance. Slippery people. This is a family that invented oxycontin. I tried to get out of being responsible for it for the past twenty years and they've made a good jillions of money they have made oxycontin. Good jillions of money off of oxycontin but it is pretty fascinating to read like. I'm still unlike the origin story of the family. We haven't gotten to the oxycontin. Oh interesting okay. But we did just get to another drug that they made and like got approved in a totally shady way shady and rich and rich. So it's really interesting. How long does it take you to read a book like that. Dory this up is this a week long project to fees. Actually this is like 'cause. I only read a pretty much only read right before i go to bed so depending on how tired i am. I can be anywhere from five to thirty minutes. Okay right so. I'm a nice where it's five minutes like a couple pages thirty minutes. I can smart but this is also a very long book. I think it's over five hundred pages. Gosh so i think this will take me probably till the end of next week. Oh okay that's that's a pretty quick turnaround is it. I don't know two weeks. I'm reading this book right now. Called or rogue of his own which is a historical romance. I appreciate that title. It's pretty good right. And i'm enjoying the authors done more but i find like one of the most delicious feelings in the world. That's when i get in my bed and like turn the lights down low and go to read and then like after two minutes i just close my. I mean that does that does happen a lot. I will say so you know. I don't know that we could talk in a month. And i'm still not finished but as my best guess you pebble good pace going though. I think i think i. Do you know what it's it's very very fast moving like it's an engaging book it's not like one of those books where i'm like gotta read this book again. I just i actually just abandoned book. I'm not gonna say what book it was but i. I did just abandon a book that i just wasn't getting into you. Know i think that abandoning a book is a great self care practice and i say this i welcome people to abandon my books if they're not working for you as a writer like there's no it doesn't writers put so much effort into their work but it's not for everyone and i don't feel like we should force ourselves to read something that we would for whatever reason we're not enjoying it doesn't you know it's not a critique of the book per se totally completely agree and then there are times when i'm like when i kind of check myself and i'm like i am not looking forward to getting into bed and picking up this book tonight and then i'm like maybe i shouldn't be reading it at all. Yeah we've sold time you know it's like totally so free yourself from the shackles of a bad book are not even a bad book. Just a book. that's not for you. Yeah yeah it doesn't need to be bad. There's no such thing as a bad book. I mean there's a couple okay true. I'm trying to be courteous to our fellow writers. But i mean i can think of like handful. Don't ask us which ones all right. Well listen we are interview today. His with a woman named dorothy brown she is a law professor. She teaches tax law. You might be saying to yourself tax law.

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