Wet Notes - 4-23-21


This is wet notes for april twenty third. Two thousand twenty one here on scuba shack radio. I up just after i recorded. The last episode president biden released his two thousand and twenty two budget. Well if you're a fan of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration or noah. You'll be happy in the budget. Proposal released on april ninth. The president proposed a record budget of six point. Nine billion dollars for knowing now. How does that compare well. This year knows budget is four point. Six billion wow. that's big increase. This budget really supports taking action. On climate change protecting marine mammals the ocean great lakes and coastal communities. If you recall the previous administration has proposed cutting knows budget only to have it restored by congress. Now this is just a first step in the budget proposal. It has a long way to go to get congressional approval. But i think it's a very good first step now. Here's something that's really interesting. I read this in the cayman compass online. It's about a grand cayman. Northside family found a message in a bottle. Yeah on easter. i think it was. The family was out walking on a remote part of the island. A place called the parrot sanctuary. I think this is on the east end. Well that's where patricia dacosta her family recovered an emerald colored bottle with a handwritten message inside the note said thrown into the ocean on six december. Two thousand and seventeen somewhere between the bahamas and florida. If you find this drop us a line and let us know where it ended up. Signed by darren and shannon from evansville illinois and it gave them their email address so patricia them with the news and now darrin shannon are planning to visit grand cayman at some point as for the bottle. The dacosta family's planning to put their own note in the same bottle and send it back out to see what an incredible journey. It's here the second quarter edition of the journal of diving history magazine. It arrived in the mail just after the last show. This latest additions cover story was written by chris. Cole and it is about the divers who worked on the edgewater disaster. It was one of the worst maritime disasters in us history. I'll leave it at that and you can do some of your own research but it was a really interesting article. There's also an interview in the edition. Done by michael newdow with dick rakowski and he's dubbed. The father of nighthawks again. Some really interesting stuff. I highly recommend that you take a look at the historical diving. Society's website if you become a member you'll get the journal mail to you every quarter a pleasant surprise in your mailbox. I received an email from a friend a few weeks ago with the subject line serenity so who can't use a little serenity how about serenity now well it turns out that my friend was asked by our son to watch him cameras for a school project. These live cams were from the monterey bay aquarium so i went to the link and it took me to their landing page for nine different cameras. I'm not going to list them all right now. But you can peek. In on their penguins. Sea otters were moon jellies. There's even a camera for monterey bay itself personally. I like to observe my sealife while diving but these live cams from monterey bay aquarium can fill in and provide that little bit of serenity. Now here's something interesting. That came in from shearwater. You know the makers of the dive computers. They have a contest. It's going to be starting up. In may called the spring shopping spree and the winner will get four thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars shopping spree at the dive shop of their choice. And here's how it works if you purchase the shearwater in april or if you buy one in may you can register for the contest with their online portal with a proof of purchase. But you don't have to buy a computer to participate. You also be able to register by completing a short fifty word essay on why you like shearwater computers. The lucky winner will be selected at the end of may. And it's another great way to support your local dive shot. Thanks your water for doing this. And finally there was a short article from patty on april twentieth about their meeting with the maldivian government to confirm the protection for sharks. There was some speculation out there that the maldivian government might be lifting the shark fishing ban in their countries waters. Well this can't be good over ten years ago. Patty along with others helped to establish this current protection so the patty staff met with the moldavian ministry of fisheries marine reserves and agriculture's lead zaha wahid. Well here's some good news here at the meeting minister while he said that they were committed to sustainable and responsible management on april twentieth the ministry released a statement that said the maldives does not intend to permit a targeted shark. Fishing in the mouth. These great job. Patty in great job maldives for protecting these critical apex predators. Well that's it for wet notes. For

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