A highlight from Glennon Doyle Wants you to Abandon Identity


Her most recent memoir audibles most listened to book of all of twenty twenty. It's about how we make sense of changes over the course of our lives. Our identity shift evolve and even fall away after building a name as a christian blogger in the past few years. Glennon has distanced herself from her. Former church community divorced her husband and married soccer star. abby wambach she's also raise millions of dollars for those in need through her nonprofit together rising. I've been a fan of glennon's for years. And i couldn't wait to talk with her about writing has shifted my thinking about identity emotion and advice. I can't believe this. I've been waiting for this for so long. Hello adam grant such a treat to meet you. I feel like i know you. I know i do too. I mean my life is just such a she just loves you and so introduced sweetie you forever ago and we just think you're just so wonderful so thanks for having me on the place i wanted to ask you how your identity has changed over the course of your life so one way of getting at that is to say if you introduce yourself to someone at the post office. Let's say at age fifteen versus twenty-five versus today. How would you have described yourself differently before we jumped on and started recording demure saying that in some ways we could not be more different. Because you know you're a man and you're straight and you don't identify as christian and yet when we read each other's work and art we sometimes feel like we're any others heads and that says so much about these identities that we have and how they don't mean anything. So when i was a young kid. I became believe and most of my life from the time that i was ten to twenty five just completely was just an abyss of addiction addict and an alcoholic drug addict. So i would have just told you that i was an addict i would have told you that i was a mess. I would've told you that. I was mentally ill. I would have had a lot of ways of describing to you that i was a broken human being. As a matter of fact. I wrote that in my first memoir i was born broken. I said and so. That's been a story that i've been telling myself for a long time. After i got sober. I started becoming things because i thought that the way that you were supposed to grow up is that you just became things right so like if i become a way if i become a mother if i become a writer if i become an upstanding citizen can suddenly i will feel grown up and then i just started struggling inside of those identities because it really tried really hard to be a good wife to do all the things supposed to do. I tried really hard to be a good christian. I was a sunday schoolteacher. I just constantly ignoring the fact that. I really believe the things that i was being told to belief pretended that i did. And so after ten years of marriage my husband told me that he'd been unfaithful to meet from the very beginning and it was moment of late. Account was a bad girl for a really long time and that didn't work then. I was a good girl for

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