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That would be one thing. Yes but we have. I mean he was guilty. As sin you know he deserved repercussions have omitted. A as commander in chief and gerald ford said because the alerter the president. I'm gonna parted. You and i think established a bad precedent of not holding. Commanders and chiefs accountable. So those were a couple of folks that i wanted to focus on leading up to kind of what i would consider are more modern day presidencies. So yeah do you want to start off with ronald ronald reagan. So in the modern day. We're going to talk about ronald reagan trump only because trump's list of the things that he was going to do in the first one hundred days was like gay Church ellen like there is an article that was really fun. That was like did this happen. No did this happen. Did this happen. No no and then of course. We'll talk about biting because we're coming up on his one hundred days which was like this the inspiration for the episode. So reagan's one hundred days in november of nineteen eighty. Ronald reagan was elected president in a landslide over democratic incumbent. Our law are the love of our lives. Nobody hurts in her. Jimmy carter jimmy carter james. I know god. They just didn't know what they had. They didn't enough did it. We didn't we didn't need it. Appreciate it and appreciate james earl. Carter junior move. Americans decided that the country driven by economic distress and international embarrassment needed a big change. And that reagan's conservative government is the problem. Philosophy was worth a try. All right i mean you know when you talk about two people being vastly opposite. We've got we've got it with carter and reagan. Yes so carter. And trump or mainly people who could be further apart for for sure in his first one hundred days. Reagan made moves to establish his small government a few days signing a major budget cut package pushing for executive branch cost reductions and pledging to shrink the federal workforce yet. Because that's where you're gonna save him. I mean like yes you will lend money. But that's where you're going to cut. The biggest part of the budget is the Okay and february nineteen eighty-one he sent to congress what some political scientists called some of the most sweeping revisions of budget and tax policy ever attempted the cornerstone of his plan or an across the board tax cut an effort to reduce the size and growth of the federal government. Reagan had argued for years that the government was getting too powerful and intrusive. This is his chance to convert his rhetoric into action. And that's what he did and that's all coming from. Us news. and vox. Yeah i mean he did. He do what he was going to do like he did. Do what did whether that was a good thing whether the consequences of that were good. That's neither here nor there. Bright homeboy came in and was like let's cut it. Let's cut it. let's cut it. Reagan used his first one hundred days very effectively to undermine his adversaries. according to princeton historian julian salazar who says quote. The president used the bully pulpit to overcome opposition among house. Democrats building support for the cuts. He gave a speech on television urging citizens to write their legislators and tell them to support the cuts house democrats the now soul base for the party in washington joined in once they saw public pressure in fact they push for tax cuts on their own which were rolled into the bill by the end of the bidding process. Reagan could claim victory on capitol hill and his key legislation had drawn the support of his opposition. Not only did he win by just like winning his own party. The democrats wrestling okay. We see the own task. We feel

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