A Brief History of Neuroscience


So neuroscience. The study of the nervous system has had an interesting history of being both extremely old and extremely new Ancient greeks and egyptians went back and forth whether the brain or the heart was the center of intelligence and hippocrates argued that the brain was the center though this wouldn't gain traction until the roman physician galen proposed it It took until an understanding of electricity. In the nineteenth century before we could really understand the brain the experiments of luigi gala vanni and the electrical activity of the body pave the way for research in the nervous system for awhile. Neuroscience research was divided into different fields such as physiology anatomy zulu psychiatry etc David roche helped integrate these fields creating the neuroscience research program at mit in nineteen sixty two. james mcgowan established the first department of neuroscience at university of california irvine in nineteen sixty four and later major neuroscience organizations were created including the international brain research organization. Or i bro. because it's a bunch of bros. Working on brains at that could be like your pneumonic for it That was established in nineteen sixty one and the society for neuroscience was established in nineteen sixty which is known for its annual meeting. One of the largest scientific conferences in the world so we're gonna start with neurons aka the small stuff so adam is and again. This is all adams words. I i am not the data scientist or the neuro scientists in this situation. I am just. I am the female voice of adam. Large in this specific instance. Everyone so all my words are his words. Except when i do inside you'll know when that happens on many less syllables. Yeah it would be those. Those observations will be much

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