US denies Iran claims of prisoner deal; UK plays it down


The state department is denying a report that deals have been reached with Iran for the release of U. S. and British prisoners but he might not be as although the you try harder isn't going to get you twenty five dollars off the house to meet your daughter citing unidentified sources Iran state television reported what it described as for American spice would be swapped for for Aronian prisoners and seven billion dollars state TV is run by hardliners in the report comes amid a power struggle between hard liners in the relatively moderate government of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani raising the prospect the report was intended to disrupt talks in Vienna on resuscitating Iran's nuclear deal with world powers state department spokesman that prices simply report sent a prisoner swap deal has been reached are not true my president Biden's chief of staff Ron Klain tells CBS's face the nation the U. S. is working very hard to get the Americans released but so far there's no agreement Ben Thomas Washington

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