A highlight from Episode #538 - Match That, P*ssy! - Jamar Neighbors & Ian Fidance


L. in all the way from los angeles i. I'm on the show. He did upstairs. I believe absolutely know as part of the negro wave. I love them in. And just one of the funniest fucking human beings have never met it. Is jim neighbors. Everybody makes bitches give money. Oh yeah that is the goal that is always the fucking goal. Say something yeah. There is a distracting. We hot chick over your right shoulder. She's to be moved. Yeah right there. Yeah on jay jay. don't move. don't move be perfectly right. I got it right here here. She is hot. Get one of the regular gremlins in there instead. Yeah yeah we don't want hot. you don't care. Random pigs excess. Which seats winds chicken talking about. I was hitting hot chicks.

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