Elise Stefanik: From Republican Moderate to Trump Favourite


Coming leadership ouster of liz. Cheney is about much more than the sacking of the number three house republican it is an unconditional surrender by one of our two major political parties to former president trump. And his big lie that the twenty twenty election was somehow stolen. Cheney's crime is not that she isn't conservative. It's that she's not conservative as defined by today's republican party which apparently means unquestioning loyalty to the defeated former president. She stands accused of telling the truth that the election was not stolen and for criticizing trump citing the january six capital interaction. This episode is just the latest chapter in the party's purging of its legacy the bushes the mccain's the romney's and now the chains names that appeared on eight of nine presidential tickets for one thousand nine hundred eighty two thousand twelve all now. Essentially excommunicated by the party's base and leadership and for one reason only the message go along with donald trump and his lies or just go away. Will this help. Republican election prospects in the short term. Perhaps but what does it mean for. Democracy when a great political institution refuses to accept free and fair election. Results and rejects. Its own who choose principle over party. I have heard from members concerned about her ability to carry out the job as conference chair congresswoman lizzie cheney facing a vote as soon as wednesday to ouster from leadership after criticism of donald. Trump's big lie at the election was stolen and his role in the capital attack. We will not forget what happened on january six and that the single greatest threat to our republic is a president who would put his own self interest above the constitution sherry me writing in the washington post this week. The question before us now is whether we will join trump's crusade to de-legitimize and undo the legal outcome of the twenty twenty election. The house republican leaders have answered. That question you know i. I've lost confidence boosting. New york's elise stefanik who trump has endorsed. My vision is to run with support from the president. What they're saying is if you don't go along with the big lie. You basically need to go so phonic voted with president trump. Just seventy eight percent of the time. Criticizing is border wall opposing him on nafta and trade even voting against his signature. Twenty seventeen tax cuts. Cheney voted with trump ninety three percent of the time once trump critic has been insulting women stefanik became a high profile trump defender during his first impeachment when she opens that mouth you at killing them. Elise trump meanwhile has denounced cheney unremittingly. This week he called her a warmongering fool who has no business and republican party leadership. The good news is in her state. She's been censured all seventeen. Republicans who voted to impeach or convict. Donald trump have faced censure votes or rebukes at home. Utah senator mitt. Romney wants the party's nominee for president booed at a state convention last weekend though the vote to censure him fail.

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