Leicester Leave Top 4 Door Open



Start with one match. Friday in the premier league. A six goal. I won't call it a thriller. But a six goal match new newcastle beating leicester city four to to really the final score. Flattering lester. this was a four. Nothing in the eightieth minute. Callum wilson with a brace for newcastle's they pick up the three points what it means for. Leicester city will devastating to their top four. Hope for the win. They would have been eight points clear. Fifth instead to stay five point gap between leicester city and fifth place west ham promote we welcome in yang dolphin. Craig burley greg. i'll start with you. What happened to leicester to that. The played the not foster from particular lake aside to force. It was just a formality to get those three points against newcastle team. Improve season. yeah. They were without the experience. Johnny evans bob. That's really not an excuse. And you know some real shoddy defending probably the best scene of newcastle as a threat of season. Which doesn't say much for them and even before the lead sun. Maximum should golden causes. Michael had to make a great save. So so yeah. Newcastle deserve to get the four goals and quite frankly inch less than if you look at affects us that. The last three games horrendous fire on next week against jokes wembley that if they defend like that and play light la this jokes he said will take them apart so all of a sudden they one must at power steadier and mister rogers under a ba- pressure for the second season in a row and could blow it once again

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