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Americans even republican lawmakers who voted lockstep against the plan have trumpeted its benefits to families and businesses back home. There was bicameral democratic agreement both on substance and on process or democrats us special budget rules that precluded the need for republican votes in the senate. There was a looming deadline to force action enhanced. Unemployment benefits were about to expire house. Democrats had already passed a similar measure last year and democrats. Sweeten this bill with long standing priorities. For progressives like a fully refundable child tax credit that experts estimate will lift billions of children and their families out of poverty. So why such a rocky road for the next two plans. I democrats agenda of top priorities is far more crowded now and democrats are not all yet on the same page. Note the slow rollout of next. Who plans the american jobs. Plan followed by american families plan. The slow staggered. Rollout suggests that these are more politically complex and possibly more contested even within the white house. That certainly the case on capitol hill. Democrats are not yet all on the same page. About how big or abroad the infrastructure. Bill should be whether or not it should be paid for and if so how it should be paid for and decisions made about how big to go on a jobs. Bill will undoubtedly affect the demands made by different democratic coalition's on what makes it into the american families plan and how it should or should not be paid for the sequence of legislative action matters when the agenda is so crowded second it's unclear whether or how many republicans will play ball. Republicans are disputing what counts as infrastructure. Stint minority leader. Mitch mcconnell has drawn a red line. Don't touch the trump tax cuts to pay for any of these plans. Republicans back home also might see things differently than republicans on capitol hill reporting suggests that many of biden's proposals are popular with republican. Voters mayors governors even if they're not popular with republican lawmakers in washington. Third process is still in play and the clock is ticking. Democrats in the senate don't yet have enough votes. They need all fifty democrats to use special budget rules to avoid the need for republican votes. So democrats in white house and congress are trying to feel outwear. Republicans are what type of jobs bill will republicans support which republicans in how many might be willing to vote for it in of course if republicans demand too many concessions from democrats. Many democrats will want to give up on securing republican support in go it alone. Democrats so far seem pretty patient especially president biden. But the clock is ticking. Especially if democrats decide that they will need to use special budget rules to advance either or both plans. Finally biden's proposals aren't necessarily every lawmakers top priorities. A gang of fifteen democratic and republican senators are working on immigration reform. Another group is trying to hammer out a deal on police reform others want to make progress on limiting guns all told there are

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