Interview With Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code


Welcome to our mother's day episode of skimmed from the couch. Our guest today is rush. Mr johnny she is the founder of girls who code and today. We're going to talk about working moms over the past year. We have seen just how devastating this pandemic has been for women who are losing their jobs dropping out of the labor force at alarming numbers. Reshma has proposed a marshall plan for moms to get women back to work to create sustainable solutions for working women in the future inc. You so much for coming back on the couch with us today. This is actually second time on the show. I i think that's the first time we've ever had anyone twice a lot of a lot of history happening by really really excited to dig in here excited to be here. I love everything you're doing enough. Silk set a chat with you you while first of all as we can set up here just now we just spent ten minutes both like location setting up our zoom changing headphones. Changing voice note record. How are you like. How is this year ben for you. You know. it's been rough right. It's been rough. And i think we're this strange now where you know. There's a shift. But i think everybody i know feels really off and having a hard time like readjusting to whatever that new normal is and i've been like meditating on it and i think for me it's just i don't feel as motivated as i felt before i need an adrenaline rush. I think working with my kids under my feet. I feel like i just need to be at in a space place rachel constantly have sensory overload. Because that's really what i'm struggling with.

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