Memorial Hermann CEO discusses COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the Houston area

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We start today with vaccination efforts across houston as of this morning techs sixteen and up can register for a covid nineteen vaccine one of the three vaccines approved for emergency. Use visors is for ages. Sixteen and up and johnson and johnson's vaccines are approved for ages. Eighteen and up anyone over eighty or over rather can jump to the front of the line without an appointment and supplies continue to increase though there are limits to how many people can be vaccinated each day to discuss vaccination efforts here in houston. We are joined now by. Dr david. Calendar president and ceo of the memorial hermann health system. Dr calendar good morning. good morning. What numbers can you share with us about memorial hermann vaccination efforts to date. Well we continue to see an increase supply of vaccine coming into the greater houston area as a two day. Memorial hermann is vaccinated over five hundred forty thousand people that means they're fully vaccinated and we've delivered about one point one five billion doses and total. So she's me. That's those are the tmc numbers memorial hermann to that uh about About a quarter of that twenty five percent so about two hundred and seventy thousand doses and one hundred sixty seven thousand individuals. Okay so those larger numbers you mentioned are what all the hospitals across. The texas medical center combined have been able to accomplish. And then that's then combined with what public health a facilities houston health system harris county health other county health systems in the region and then whatever area drugstores and so forth all vaccine distributors of combined. All that together where we stand. I do not know the total But you know again. We're very pleased that the supply is increasing. And we'll be able to get more people vaccinated over coming weeks.

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