Abide And Remain With Priscilla Shirer

The Grove Podcast


Hey their passion. I'm so glad to be able to have an opportunity to be back with you. I have been waiting for the opportunity to be back with you and so despite the craziness of the circumstances that we are all in right now the fact that it has given opportunity for me to be back with you in this way feels like a gift. I'm excited about god's word to continue what it is that he's already been doing in your heart and in my heart and life. So why don't we pray and go to god's word together lord we thank you for this privilege that we have to know that you were speaking to us and that no matter where in the world we are right now we can hear your voice. So lord i pray that you would take this one little simple message and you were divided however many multiple thousands of different ways you need to so that every single person under the sound of my voice no matter what culture or or continent they may be on no matter what country lord i pray that every single one of us right now will know we have been in the presence of god in the mighty name of jesus i pray amen amen well for about ten years or so. My family and i lived in a fairly rural part of the dallas fort worth area. We planned it that way when our children were little. I've got giants now. My oldest is eighteen like six foot three inch tall than i've got a sixteen year old. He's about six foot two inches tall. And then i've got a twelve year old but he stands the exact same height as me. So i am being outgrown very quickly in my household and when they were younger we spent ten years living about ten minutes away from the city so we can get there quickly but we felt like we were worlds away. We would drive back to our home that was on a lazy little two lane road and we enjoyed it back there because you know there were things that three sons need in their lives like bugs and mud and trees and stuff like that

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