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Venturing Out


It's interesting beyond for four years right because you hear all these great ideas from people is that if they're execute upon change the world a very serious way. I always use the example of spacex rate. How many people before you on. Musk thought of reusable spaceship. Probably a lot. But how many actually get out there and execute upon it and build thing not that many and so you know patricia club. It's really a mindset shift. Right rather than sitting around and pontificating about ideas we really focus on. How do you put those ideas into action. You know even if it's something as small as bringing your product or your service to the farmers market and just selling it to people getting it in people's hands that's what we want to encourage this club so it part of getting started From our commerce conversation earlier. Excuse me you told me that Baylor entrepreneurship club engages in things like different focus groups that are skill specific. Is that right correct. Yes so what does that look like. Yeah what it really looks like. His peer to peer mentor ship. Where you have people building interpersonal relationships with others who have complementary skill sets to them. You one thing. I really believe in as being a specialist. Not a generalist You know it's been my experience that if you're a generalist you're not that competitive right and so as a special shoe is for people who Compliment your abilities and skills. That's what our mentor. Ship program is really about so it. It's more While it is developing different skills it's also networking opportunity correct absolutely. Yeah and i think that's important too because nicot said you're a specialist. I mean you are the the the leader of what you do. So i always think about mario and luigi do you remember. Playing mario mario was always good at a lot of different things but luigi was able to jump the highest. I often went with luigi for some tasks. Because i needed to jump higher than mario is able to know. And i mean it's it's purely fact like i love luigi because of that because he was able to differentiate himself and set himself apart. But if you can't jump that high that's no problem right around your self with people who can And i think they would entrepreneurship club. And wouldn't nick is doing is creating a great networking opportunity for students. Who may be good at one thing to find others who compliment them so for example In a previous episode. Talk with or talked with doria and i am a awful content creator. My social media is the worst But i would love to have somebody like doria on my team and we do. Have somebody like dairy honor team. Gray smith who is a killer content creator and so that's what nick's talking about and that's why it's important to have these types of clubs because he can find people who compliment yourself and It really helps take your business near venture the next

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