New York Yankees miss chances, fall to Jays in opener

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Let me take you to another one yesterday yankees and bluejays on a chilly day. The opener a yankee stadium. And here's the highlights from this one. Bottom of two one. On for gary sanchez and gary. Sanchez has left the ballpark sanchez. The first yankee catcher to homer on opening day in eleven years jens have a two one league garrett cole now doing the pitching and not well oscar hernandez oh no doubt about that drills one the left in the six that ties the game two and garett cold not pleased bottom nine. Same score winning. Run it second. Aaron judge of the plate. Can he be the hero on opening day. That's the question. The answer is no judge. One for five struck out twice. We're going to extras top of the ten runners. At second randall. Grischuk pool rightfielder. Aaron judge can't get it no. We can't sixty five percent was the hit probability on this. It's an rbi double. The run comes around to score and that would be the difference. Blue jays win it three two in extras on opening day. And so back to you jessica mendoza. What's your number one takeaway from the ball game yesterday in the bronx gary sanchez. I mean you've got to remember a lot of people. Were watching last year gary sanchez. You didn't think he was eating a start or be in this lineup for the yankees. Because how bad help awesome. He was offensively last year. Being one forty seven six four strikeouts tech eight teen walks. His biggest thing coming in was to be able to sit back behind the baseball. That home run. You could use feel the pressure. Come off of him. Why because there's so many other guys in this lineup. That when they struggle. It's up to gary sanchez. And he's the difference maker to me because you know when it comes down to aaron judge who also struggled with this game carlos stanton both of those guys are prone to injuries. They're not going to be in this lineup throughout the entire season and to the big piece. That's missing because by the way it is world series or bust for the yankees team. Gary sanchez has to step up. I know it's only one game but that run was huge

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