Family demands answers after Chicago police shoot 13 year old


Of a a 13 13 year year old old shot shot and and killed killed by by Chicago. Chicago. Police Police wants wants answers. answers. Police Police say say Adam Adam Toledo Toledo was was killed killed Monday Monday in in the the Little Little Village Village neighborhood neighborhood after after what what the the department department called called an an armed armed confrontation. confrontation. Adina Adina Weiss, Weiss, Ortiz's Ortiz's attorney attorney for for the the Toledo Toledo family, family, says says they they don't don't have have all all the the information information at at this this time. time. The The mother mother wants wants to to know know the the truth truth of of all all facts facts surrounding surrounding the the death death of of her her son, son, and and we we hope hope that that this this time time that that should should be be able able to to get get it. it. This This time. time. We We understand understand that that she'll she'll have have a a meeting meeting next next week week In In reviewing reviewing the the video, video,

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