Scoop: Kids' border surge expected to last 7+ months


I Heart radio. You're listening to the daily dive on use radio. Tell you f L, A welcome back to the Daily Dive Weekend edition. Finally, for this week, the surge of migrants of the border continues as expected to possibly less seven months as projections for September by Customs and border protection is anywhere from 22,000 to 25,000 migrants crossing the border. The administration is trying to get control over the situation. But the message is not reaching migrants and smugglers. Reuters recently spoke to over a dozen self identified smugglers to see how and why unaccompanied minors are crossing the border. In many cases, these smuggling operations can cost thousands for the migrants as they're transported by a variety of ways, even by plane. For more on how these smugglers air getting it done will speak to Laura got Steiner, Reuters correspondent based in Mexico, But some of the migration that we're seeing in context I mean, for a number of years Now we've been seeing an increasing number of families and Children coming from Central America. This is something that we saw under the Obama administration to the Trump administration and now under the five in administration. As you mentioned as well. Migration trends tend to be seasonal. So migration tends to pick up in January and February and then go through until you start to get the sub warmer summer months, And then it becomes more dangerous. So you know, it is definitely the case that there are more Migrants, particularly families and unaccompanied Children traveling to the U. S border than we've seen in previous months at the same time, you know, we saw a huge increase in the number of families and unaccompanied minors as well coming in 2019. So this is something that Really spans a number of different U. S administrations from both parties we wanted to speak is as you mentioned two smugglers to understand the trends of how these Children are getting to the U. S. Border. Because it certainly striking. Of course, as you hear stories of unaccompanied Children, Children without their parents or their legal guardians, including some very young Children arriving to the borders we wanted to understand, you know. How are they traveling? Who were they traveling with? How much does it cost for them to be traveling? And where are their parents? Because I think there's often this sense that the parents are all in Central

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