Confessions of a Bankruptcy Lawyer


Bankruptcy financial. Do over or is it game over. I wanted to phone an expert so today. I'm bringing you confessions of a bankruptcy lawyer. Todd thank you so much for joining us. Welcome to money rehab while it's good to be here. Thank you for having me. And let's start with the introduction. Can you tell me about your career. How did you get into the world of scary bankruptcy. Well there's nothing scary about bankruptcy. But i can explain it pretty easily. I went to law school in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and by the time i graduated in nineteen ninety-two i had dreams of being business slash real estate lawyer but in nineteen ninety-two in southern california. We're having a terrible recession. And nobody could afford a business lawyer or real estate lawyer and what people needed was bankruptcy lawyer. So i got into it that way. So you're fishing title now is i am a bankruptcy lawyer. I am president of my law firm. I'm a certified specialist in bankruptcy both by the california state bar association and the american board certification. And how many people have you helped through bankruptcy. Oh wild guess would be about seven thousand. Bankruptcy is such a scary word. you said. It wasn't scary. Convinced me well okay for my perspective as a lawyer. It's a really nice area practice because if you come into me as a client i can be fairly certain that my prediction of what's going to happen in your case is gonna come true whereas if you go into a family lawyer or a personal injury lawyer or just general civil litigation lawyer lying to you if they told you what was going to happen they really can't make promises and it's disappointing. A large percentage of the time. You don't get the results you want it. You don't get custody of the kids. Don't get the dollar value on your case. All you had but in bankruptcy if you come into being you say look. I am over my head in debt. I can't pay my credit card bills. I can solve the debt problem. I can get you out of debt. And i can be ninety seven percent. Sure the that's gonna work out for

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