Paige Mycoskie on the Story of Aviator Nation


Those who don't know aviator nation give us the cliff's notes. Okay so yeah. Aviator nation is a lifestyle brand that i started basically in my garage and southern california about fifteen years ago. Fifteen years that's pretty great. It's kind of crazy to even say that. now. I'm like wow time. Flies was the concept the same as it is. Now i'm seeing some amazing lounge wear at leisurewear had have you kind of veered toward that category in the those categories in the last year. Or that's always been kind of court of the brand. Yeah it's funny That has always been quarter. The brand i mean my passion since i was young has always been to be super comfortable and I love sweats. And i love. Really soft t shirts and Really that's just you know since i was young. I've worn vintage t shirts and super comfortable sweats like all the time. And so yes. I mean when i started the company might goal was pretty much to create something. That's so comfortable. That i would want to wear it every single day. Myself and You know now that athleisure is such a big deal and people are accepting tracksuit in the sweatsuit or whatever you wanna call it pretty much anywhere you go. It obviously works to my benefit but that is definitely what we have been doing since day one. Yeah are you your customer. Who is your customer. Do you can fit the demo. Yes so. I absolutely am my customer. When i when i started the company it was specifically make clothes for myself. I just really. I've always been very very picky about what i'm wearing specific to being super comfortable and specific colors and and it's funny i just i just could not find anything in the stores. That was what i wanted to wear. And it started with me really searching and vintage stores because i found that i was. I was more excited to wear vintage clothing because stuff that was made in the seventies and early eighties and stuff like that was definitely more the style that i wanted and so i found myself looking for close flea markets and thrift stores and stuff like that and then i realized it's so hard like i spent a whole day looking for like won t shirt. Because it's not easy to find t shirts from the seventies. It's like can find stuff from the nineties and two thousands but it's hard to find the really old good staff and so finally dawned on me. I'm like what am i doing spending a whole day looking for a t shirt. Why don't i learn how to make this That's just always kind of been. My personality is figuring out how to make

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