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Life in the Son


The topic of discussion is talking about slop like that. Kinda cute guy. Whatever well not talking about the slop is fed picks nor am i talking about what soldiers eating. The child hall knows. I'm talking about has nothing to do with any of that but i'll tell you what it will do. I'll give you a hint. Slop is actually an acronym not so much a word however this word or this acronym. It stands for simple list of obligations prioritized. It's kind of similar to As an sap is i didn't know what an s. o. p. was until joined the navy but and this whole p. stands for standard operating procedure. And that's basically just step by step instruction manual. You're doing a particular job you go to the manual at all of the steps. Get the job done. There's a lot of reasons for that. A lot of its efficiency. Uniformity in performance things of that nature. And so anyway. Slop is the simple list of prioritized right well. So p. is a step-by-step manual or guide us employee's or workers to get a particular task. Done all right. So slop- is pretty. Close to and so be as obi just following the steps and slop you have to organize your own priorities or prioritize your own obligation as it were now. Slop is an acronym said four. Simple obligated prioritized. Now let me start by saying today. I'm not going to lecture you Gonna have the sermon to preach or anything like that. Without a doubt. This is a testimony and it has a little bit to do with this weekend with my complete and utter frustration. With my amount organ overwhelming sense of suffocation but sit god spoke to me this weekend and really opened up my eyes so i figure if it opened up my eyes maybe it will help somebody else out there. That is listening. Is there anybody out there. Well anyway. I am just fine today and of course i have no shortage of things about which to testify but since i have no guest co host. I'm going to be talking about slop. And i'm gonna keep on testifying in about slop however i know i'm not the only one with a good testimony. Okay come on extended the invitation. And i still extend the invitation for you to come and share yours after all. Isn't that what life in the sun is. all about the show. What christians are encouraged to share their testimonies. Yea okay let me get a couple of things out of the way first of all. This isn't going to be a lecture or how to. I am in no way shape or form better or more special or less special better than anybody. There's no difference between us. We're all in there. Okay now also painfully aware that. I'll make a lot of mistakes so if you would please. If you happen to hear me make a mistake and you just pay attention. I'm sure you'll hear one. Just let me know. okay samir. Message or comment either one. I don't mind public view. And before i dive headlong into this talking about swap topic. I am going to say this again. I am still a human being. I'm not perfect. I'm still learning not withstanding. I do believe that. God has no respect of a person and all that he bestowed upon me. He wants to get to you. Why because i'm no better than you know. Worse than anybody else that wants to get it to you. Just like he gave it to me so for that reason. I'm obligated to testify about what god has done in my life as an ambassador to the throne. I encourage others design. You know we're just ordinary people telling about what an extraordinary god who loves us and takes care of us you know still these testimonies faith that draw those who are hurting and loss into the realm of his everlasting love. And don't forget i john. Five ten eleven you know first yarn five tenths as one who believes in the son of god has the testimony in himself. The one who does not believe. God made him a liar because he has not believed in the testimony that god has given concerning his son and then of course in verses and he goes on to say and tests and the testimony. Is this that god has given us eternal life and this life is in his son so remember we are obligated ambassador thrown to give back testimony he lives.

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