But on issues like this, we'll set this. The Supreme Court aside a lot of the rulings they make.


Have any background or advanced information, but I'm feeling optimistic about it. Now what that will look like, I guess is the other big question. But right now, a lot of you also optimistic about that. Huge, huge events in in Wisconsin and boy I would love to be out there Broadcasting live because it's the best. It's absolutely best. Always look forward to that. All right news from Wisconsin. A little bit of an issue with timing had to do that with Scott Supreme Court and its impact on the food share program. Yeah, plenty has been made about the Food assistance program. Food share this week alone revealed the state Supreme Court's decision to overturn the governor's mask mandate costing Wisconsin about $50 million per month and federal food Assistance Republicans and turn arguing that Governor Evers could reinstate that funding by issuing a nonbinding mask, mandate or health emergency. Then yesterday, Steve The Journal Sentinel found out that the state had actually failed to send food assistance to tens of thousands of kids who are Food insecure, the paper says the oversight was because the Department of Public Instruction failed to collect the addresses for all students. Men. You've been learning from home this year about 79,000 students. Were effective. What a cluster. Let me make a lot of 1.5 minute speech here. Look, I understand there's always this political back and forth. We have a governor of the State Democrat. We have Ah Legislature led by Republicans on both sides. But on issues like this, we'll set this. The Supreme Court aside a lot of the the rulings they make. They aren't necessarily tied to what the Legislature and the governor are talking about. They have to make a decision based on the law and their opinion. Pro are kinda on the implementation of said laws that set that aside. There's a reason we elect leaders to go toe Madison to go to Washington. See that is to make decisions that for most of us make our lives better quality of life better. This is a no brainer here. And it highlights what I've been talking about for a long time is the lack of communication. Real communication, not the shouting that the you know the tweets at each other, but real communication between Republican leaders in the Legislature and the governor's office figure this out. You could keep blaming each other. It's it's the most empty sided, illogical debates. And I just I'm sick and tired of it. Figure this stuff out. You should understand that the decisions you make in Madison could also have impact on things that happen in Washington, D. C and we're not in a cocoon here. When you're debating these things when you're supposed to be meeting with your Political enemies, which is what the reality is that your Here is on the other side of the aisle because we know that's not what happens. You should be able to least comprehend the decisions you make have long term impacts. These things shouldn't happen. You can keep pointing fingers, but that's lazy. That's not leadership and inmate. It may make your supporters happy doesn't make me happy, and I don't think it makes most Wisconsinites happy. It's lazy leadership stopped doing it. Let's go to cold. It's not much better. There are success in fighting the virus, hitting a hick up for the first time in nearly two months, the state recorded 1000 plus positive test in a single day. Also Thursday, reported 14 deaths that marked the most In a single day in a month increase coinciding with the couple of different factors. One. It's nice outside to communities lifting or relaxing, covert 19 restrictions, and three people just simply more comfortable going out

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