An Amateur Detective in a Quest for Truth



Sarah palin. I'm a criminal behaviorist and homicide investigator for six episodes. We've told you a story about the nineteen. Seventy shooting of former policeman verne's stored off to share a little about the story behind the story with me. Today are some of the creators and participants of the show including dorothy marsk. Vern stocks niece. She explored his death for her book with one shot. Welcome dorothy hi. Sarah how are you doing. I'm doing great dorothy. You spent years thinking about what happened in this house early. On the morning of march first nineteen seventy. Tell us about your journey. Well i'd always thought along with my family that there had been some miscarriage of justice and there were rumors floating around that. Suzanne didn't actually pull the trigger that night and we always wondered why she only spent eleven months in a hospital after confessing to murder and so shannon. I talked a lot about this. And i would say for ten years. We kept trying to figure out what happened. Suzanne and her family. We looked everywhere and this was before the internet. I traveled a lot. Every city be doing consulting workshop. Been i'd find a phone book and look for david. Briggs suzanne starbuck donna briggs to try to find any of them not realizing that most of them have changed their names until the internet came and shannon found on find a grave the grave of daniel store doc suzanne youngest son the one that my had adopted and from there she was able to piece together where they were in what their names were. So i went to tennessee against the protests of shannon. Who said you know somebody in that house murdered my father and my friend who said you can't go to tennessee. It's dangerous but i had to go. I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to know really in the beginning. Just who murdered my uncle

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