A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft & Jets No. 2 Pick with Dan Leberfeld


What the jets are gonna do not a lot going on in the nfl. Other than there's buzz out there that the panthers had conversations with teams about trading back from eight and there's going to be those conversations going on really from four probably through fifteen in terms of teams moving up and moving down. You know that the patriots might for something they they almost rarely do is move up. They did a couple years ago when they moved up to get isaiah. Win the lineman out of georgia and atlanta would go back. Miami might go back if they still think they can get one of the handful of guys to pair with to to add to their stronger roster than some of the other teams that are in the top ten with sam darnold there and carolina thinking. They can't get a quarterback than then maybe moving moving back and just getting more picks to get not only help for darnold but maybe ease the burden on the christian. Mccaffrey effect and much needs to touch the ball. And that offense. You've got obviously robby. Anderson is your deep threat. And you've got the dj more as well so it'll be interesting to see all of the rumors that we hear as i mentioned a daniel here that we are. I've been calling it lying season for years. And i think other people have picked up on that. This is truly the lying season when you hear that all the cowboys are open to moving. Is that getting. Put out there by stephen jones or are they really talking to somebody people calling them or do they want people to call them and so you have to kind of take everything with a grain of salt even people that are as connected as anyone and i feel pretty connected to the broncos and into some other teams around the league but i just don't trust much of what i'm going to hear this time of year from anyone whether it be a reporter or a member of a team but somebody maybe we'll say a former player former coach somebody who's maybe plugged in differently than just a straight journalist if you will Sell broncos a pretty quiet right now. And that's to be expected they are in their pre-draft meetings they can have an unlimited number of zooms with players and so You know yesterday. We saw the open of the offseason training program and it wasn't in person workouts Like it has been in the past twenty guys in the building and all their meetings are being done. Virtually any way as as the league laid that out in the first place so there are some players who worked out and then went to into the meeting virtually and then there's that might have done. The meetings then went in and worked out there just trying to keep everyone socially distant and there's guys that are spread out all across the country. George peyton is gonna talk in two days on thursday. So we'll have some of that for you on the on the friday pod. Very likely tomorrow. We're going to preview the niners in what they may do at three. But it feels like an ability. Right was amd arnold in carolina zack. Wilson feels like he's going to be a new york jet so let's hear from a guy that's covered the jets forever at jets whispers is dan. Leber fed's twitter again jets confidential and sirius. Xm every saturday from eight until noon mountain time. Oh so here. We are me and my pal. Dan labor feld talking about what the jets are going to do across the board and specifically that number two pick took. Dan is everybody in new york. P- reordering zack wilson. Jerseys does that feel inevitable. Especially on the heels of the sam darnold trade or how do you think things will will shake out in in around one. Is there going to be any surprises. It relates to the jets. Sporting goods store should have velcro plates on the name. Play the way players move around these days. Is you buy one jersey. And then it becomes obsolete the couple of years so. I don't know if they're buying zack. Wilson jersey jet. But it's certainly looking like it's heading in that direction. Yeah when when you look at the options they had. And sam darnold's gonna be good or not obviously wasn't put in the best position from losing a head coach after a year and that system to two years with adam gates and all the ups and downs more downs ups so who knows but just from a pure economic standpoint. When you're picking it too and you can reset your quarterback salary structure. It's it's almost impossible to to not with a quarterback classes seems to be this deep to go that route and get some value for donald which it seems like they did. Yeah it makes sense from the standpoint of resetting the clock at the quarterback position. We all know the power of having a quarterback a first on quarterback generally when we have this conversation being on their rookie deal being locked in for three or four years or even five years. If you consider the franchise tag and then you can build around him. Without having to spend a fortune at the quarterback position compared to the old days when sam bradford in matthew stafford came out and they get fifty million guaranteed in their rookie contract since the cba in two thousand eleven. The first round quarterbacks are more reasonable so it is a great time to build around a young quarterback that being said if the jets truly thought sam darnold was the answer and could be a star quarterback in elite quarterback franchise quarterback. You'd have to think they certainly would have worked at out financially kept him.

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