Moving Machine Learning Into the Data Pipeline at Cherre


Hi by us on tiles on a data scientist cherry. Do you remember how you first got involved in the area of data management sites good of interesting routes in my career first and foremost physicists. In my condemning track originally was aimed for working in optics tonics when i finished my started working as a tonic designer for not to go communications company and then one day one of former post. Docs invited checkout chevy's office. He started working there at school. People come to get health and it was really kind of an immediate hits so jerry really met all the criteria that i have where it's still again. Perspective projects specifically the working on a really challenging problem defining domain model for bela states. There were working on high impact issue and it was work with smart people really smart people right so type. Problems is very challenging. And then what you're doing really to think about the real estate industry state as it is right now so the would be kind of what speed trading or is dead for the stock. Market's really changing the way the real estate market's looking at tech. So all that looked good. I joined sherry and they learned about the domain afield state so then who is one of the founders and learn about functional and object oriented programming test driven design micro services from medicine. Sterling is a senior engineer i learned about. Nlp knowledge grass from the awesome john madden or head of machine learning engineering. Who you've answered before. And zoya from ron beckerman bizarre. Cdo in data science professor. So it's been really great working all these people. It's been an awesome learning experience

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