Inside an Unprecedented Week in Ontario Politics

The Big Story


Rawlings. This is the big story. Cynthia mulligan is park reporter for city. New she is also perhaps the person best equipped to explain why a ford government does what it does. Hello cynthia hello jordan. Have you ever covered a week like this in provincial politics. Well no no not at all. I mean the only thing that i can say was as as unprecedented was when patrick browns suddenly stepped down. But but this is so much different Because so many lives are at stake and it is truly being an unprecedented. Few days in in provincial politics like no one has ever seen before i mean. We had police openly revolt against a provincial directive. We had the government spinning and reversing major major a major announcement less than twenty four hours later and literally brought to its knees with public outrage. So this is absolutely unprecedented. Maybe take us back One week ago Because i want to kind of walk through how everything happened. So it's you know it's thursday last week Cases are really high and people are screaming for the government to do something what were you. What were you guys at queens park thinking. What were you expecting At that point well we've seen this unfold before numbers rise. We hear ominous rumblings that the modeling is going to be really bad the modeling and then doug ford comes out a sombre doug ford comes out and then makes a new announcement about how they're going to crack down so we knew that that was coming. What was unusual is usually the modeling comes out on thursday and then and then the announcement might come out the next day but what happened. This time is the modeling. Didn't come out until the friday morning. Ontario is already setting records for new cases. Look at where the province is now an all time high of more than forty seven hundred new cases today if current trends continue look at what the modeling forecast cases could soar to eighteen thousand cases a day with eighteen hundred patients in intensive care by the end of next month. And i

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