A Conversation About Trees With Canopy Founder Nicole Rycroft

Wardrobe Crisis


To the crisis. Podcast nicole right craft. I'm so happy that we to do this me too. It's been a while in the making And i we've been trying but we're doing this very special compensation for fashion revolution. Which makes it even better. Indeed one of my favorite organizations working to revolutionize the fashion industry. I'd love to begin by asking you where you are an adult made in your house where your house is surrounded by trees. You're in vancouver. I am in vancouver's which is on the west coast of canada and surrounded by trees. That i have a poc. My house looks out onto a pack. Which has really beautiful trees in it. And i can see from here across to the nostril mountains which are not very far away and it's just a blanket of green that i get to look out on And those forests have been a real lifesaver actually in this past year and we've all been in various stages of walked out. I was just gonna tell you this that i went to the puck to try to shake off my desk energy because yesterday s adesco die for fifteen hours and it was so nice and with birds everywhere and i was really hoping to the cookers who sometimes there and they came and they were all laughing at me and kind of pitch looking chubby on the tree. It was so nice like my favorite way to wake up in fact actually have a ringtone cooked bars as my My wakeup along if canada There was an ozzy friend of mine. Who was living here at the time and you know canadians are so polite and i was just constantly offending people. Just by being an ozzy. Frank being direct and she drew this great analogy from me. Shows like you know like historians and canadians. Kind of like the boots that you have in australia and canada and that in canada boats beautiful and the quiet and they're as part of the scenery and and then in australia you have like cockatoos and gelinas like loud squad loud and obnoxious really and that is kind of the parallel between out. Two countries

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