A highlight from Melissa Bernstein of Melissa & Doug Toys

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Melissa bernstein is co founder of the wildly successful toy company melissa and doug but who would ever guess that this happily married mother of six who has created over five thousand toys which have sold over a billion dollars begins many days the same way as far too many others do wondering if she'll make it tomorrow in her new book lifelines and inspirational journey from profound darkness to radiant light. Melissa takes readers on her path through depression revealing how her lifelines such as poetry nature and yes even toymaking transformed her despair into a beacon of hope and today. Melissa joins me on the podcast discuss how she and her husband. Doug decided to start toy company with no prior experience how their nostalgia for simple fun wooden toys that fired the imagination has turned into a movement supported by the american academy of pediatrics and why melissa believes that designing toys may have saved her life she reveals that her lifelong battle with existential anxiety and depression almost drove her to suicide why she finally decided to address it at age fifty and how she's now on a mission to help others suffering from mental health issues coming up with melissa bernstein

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