Federal Paycheck Protection Program Preserves 500 000 Jobs in Seattle Area


So did the Seattle Times and the Foster Garvey law firm other local companies received under $10. We're talking about two beneficiaries of the Federal Paycheck Protection program or from Cuomo's. Corwin, Take Pee. Pee Pee, designed to bolster companies and prevent mass layoffs has pumped as much as $11 billion into King Pierce and Snohomish County's since the program began. According to the P P p database, 86 companies in the three counties received loans in the 5 to $10 million range, preserving half a million jobs. Some of the loans, though, seemed to bear no relationship to jobs. The database claims of $5 million plus loan to it's a quad based evergreen restaurant group preserved 500 jobs. But it also says a similar loan to Seattle based co Imagine Health preserved zero jobs. Meanwhile, hundreds of businesses received P P p payments of under $150,000 most of them well under that amount, for example, and every beauty salon received $229 an amount the database claims preserved One job Corwin Hague Co. Moh news SOMEONE news time 604 and coming up. I'm Ryan Harris, seeking

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