A highlight from Fantasy Superlatives and Free Agent Grades with Mike Wright! (03/23 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Now here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie benn was a bit of a day off. I guess in. Nfl free agency. We had a couple of wide receiver. Signings that will talk about. But we've got a big show for you today on fantasy football today because we have great guests. That is mike right of the fantasy footballers. Mike's gonna give us his thoughts on free agency. And i have a surprise segment for mike. So that is always surprised. Your guests don't let them prepare hosting what i'll one right there. What's up mike. What's going on man. I appreciate the invite to time to time now of this show. That's right yes and jamie is like a five hundred even more than you think you've been on a thousand shows jamie. Oh yeah oh boy. Oh yeah oh. Yeah but yet again. I'm here and there's no dave. So i think once ok twice. This is a trend tasks bedtime. Eight o'clock right now. I've i've asked you questions is coming up the show that we did last night. Is it okay to have a poster. Stop in your room at any point in any age of a movie that you never saw. I didn't come on. We ever have seen incompletion. You've never seen the movie. And in the poster behind you agree just is what was the move pulp fiction. You ever seen start to finish. I've ever seen it start finish. I'm sure this was quite a discussion. So i'll let it go but that is that's horrifying. Yeah it's bad it's bad. Well mike you can follow him on twitter at f- f hitman also of course. Listen to the fantasy footballers podcast and the twenty twenty one but draft is available now on their website. What are we get with the draft kit. So the draft kid is it launches on june. I you know all the ranking sleepers break us the usual stuff and are not consent consensus. Rank is around there but the consistency. You know look at how. How good was a player. Actually on a week to week basis. That's a that's why we stress the holistic approach. Don't just fall in love with her ex finished at wide receiver. Six okay. well did he. Was he actually good in a bunch of us stuff. And we have actually. We've jumped into the dynasty game so utica plus is available and you can get into to dynasty content right now. I check it out on the website. And mike first question for you. How is your bracket doing. Oh i didn't make one doing very. I've been following it. Apparently it really has been march madness this year. It really has. It has been awesome and we have what about eight hundred people in our in our pool. Been something like that. Eight hundred eight ninety forty heath was in second place is all about now. Now he's not. I'm one hundred. Fiftieth pay place hundred forty eighth. That's not that bad. And i have a terrible bracket so yeah it has been fun. Okay second question is chase edmonds going to be the starting running back for the cardinals this year. Nope no he's not he he'll be involved in he he'll probably be more involved than last year. I don't i still don't know if they're going to bring in one of these. The remaining free agents. I don't know if they'll draft a guy. The cardinals don't really have a bunch of draft capital anymore. I and they just sent their third offer rodney hudson and they're they're missing some other stuff as well but it just it feels like cliff and the squad over here are not willing to turn it over and give at least not give chase the drake level of work like i said bump it up to be more of a fifty fifty timeshare but i don't foresee that edmonds will actually be the dude. Okay what do you think. The best case scenario is of the free agents connor. This point man girly girl. It'd be best case scenario for chase edmonds. 'cause it's like i think girlies he is a victim of the nfl. I was really hoping it was gonna be jamaal williams. I thought jamal come down. Here would be perfect bun. Fortunately he had to go. I was once he lizzy. Yeah yeah we. We were pulling for lindsay as well. I mean we. We are really running out of names of of any actual note value. Yeah so it's interesting. I because you said that he's out in arizona. Why asked mike this question particular. He's got a phoenix suns hat on if you're watching on youtube but it seemed like cliff. Kingsbury is at least saying that that he could do that he could pull it off the chase edmonds. We'll be the starter. You're not really buying that. Don't listen okay. listen. I mean even before free agency was kind of opening up. Mike davis was a name that was being floated around here. So i think if davis comes into it would be a pretty one two punch as well and then like low key. Look how adams gonna feel about this but low key if wayne gaughman came here was paired with chase. Edmonds pay her Gave him on. The cheap is a cardinal fan. Look i've i'd be fine with it. The goal man Yeah so do you think that. That's a that's a

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