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This is episode number. Four free four. I'm gonna say hopefully it for free for fifteen offering four four that i do apologize. No i don't really mistakes happen. You can If i show that youtube make sure when his comment that malaysia has infielder of course lead me. If i start to show shared with your friends and all that malaysian the coolest suppo- via patriots lose more welcome that patriot for just eight g. o. S. t. a. know the deal could links in the bio linson description. Click the knicks at the bottom at more details. Do all that good stuff will in between you know how we crack knew how you how you will do and hope you're well wherever you may be If his on a beach somewhere in the middle of the by could you manage to sneak out. If you're a beach somewhere in the middle of spain could you meant to sneak out off. You happen to be in a fairly well insulated Two bedroom apartment somewhere in the depths of east south and on north or west wherever you are in the world. Hope you're doing well and you're hanging in there because goddamn has been a genuine. It goddamn is been jenny's been a journey and a half and Oddly enough. I think. I noticed it. I think when the notion. I noticed it yesterday. Actually davide window browse on the interest as i do and i'm obviously ups a moi's checking the coronavirus sub reddit the us one which is just standard ekern. Obviously the uk one. But you can't the end and i've no is in the last word monfort. So maybe is. Actually you know statis- becoming more frequent now the last few weeks. I have no real big increase in posts of people saying that. They're really struggling mentally people. Having a hard time having committed to grips with this new reality am coming to grips with this prolonged period of time. Spent indoors blahdy blah blah blah. But it seems people are really feeling the pain right now and it's interesting because we effectively towards the end. We're at the home stretch now right. We've vaccinate war fifteen million people or something crazy in the uk. We've basically done everybody from group one to four. We have only left people above the age of fifty. Which has you know. Most of the at risk people Most of the people are going to be at risk the virus itself so essentially homestretch. We get these really good leaks apo- basel playing about people go to school oldest stuff that should be giving people a sense of optimism and a sense of hope but instead it's actually philip would more dread and it made me think i wonder if this is what happens when people are in prison. Because you don't hear it but usually see depicted law in movies where somebody that's you know. Got a long sentence. Come end of it and they never typically get themselves in some kind of trouble now that could be just seen a A narrative skill that people do when they write in these movies some item captivate automate them. Compelling right have disowned by all of this person doing a good job and then you know towards the end to get corrupted by the system and then something goes bad but it does seem to be a thing people trying to keep their heads down tools. The end up being join into anything. I wonder what the as i wonder. If that's like our version of acting out. But it's just. I don't know what he is really but i wonder if there's any similarities are people in prison. I wonder if that's the same thing. Like i wonder if like mentally pro period of time because that's the thing as well as odd as walkers prisons different because he released right. That's the thing that you get. Elvis is so terrible situation to go for I would imagine have been adding been to one even probably look like i should be one a prop one anyway right. Everyone gets pulled up on the skirmish here and there when you're younger but in terms of actually spending prolonged period of time and a place at the i haven't imagined you know it's not best place to be especially if you had up there through no fault of your own ripe fruit just taking a couple of rotund laughing not think sometimes if you probably you know had a life where you've kind of committed to a life of crime Since you were a kid is probably inevitable that you were going to end up dead or in prison. So is not that much of a culture shock by the president. You just regular civilian. Who's just you know down on your luck and you try little move you try to look beats a little scam hill scammed and it will send you end up in prison. It could be a real like gina.

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