2 Killed in Driverless Tesla Car Crash


National highway traffic safety administration in the united states and the national transportation safety board have both sent teams to investigate a fatal car crash involving twenty nine tesla model s in spring texas. The car went off the road. Coming out of cold sack. After failing to negotiate a slight curve at high speed harris county constable mark. Herman said one occupant was in the front passenger seat and one in the backseat. Neither occupant was in the driver's seat. Now it's not clear you might jump to the conclusion. But it's not clear if tesla autopilot was active when the car crashed. Tesla ceo elon. Musk had re tweeted news just earlier that same day. The tesla's autopilot feature was quote approaching ten times. Lower chance of accident than the average vehicle constable. Herman also noted that the car caught fire when it hit a tree and took more than thirty thousand gallons of water to extinguish because the battery kept reigniting and apparently they had to get in contact with tesla for some advice in how to get that fire to go

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