Tatum Scores a Triple-Double Against the Bulls


This was a game for all the Campbell haters because when Kemba misses the game, like I like Jason Tatum is cold as ice and you see the final score this one these guys could not buy a basket tonight. And this was the game that if Kemba Walker plays that's less time for Pritchard that's less shots for for Tatum who certainly couldn't you know wasn't on tonight and maybe they're getting better looks because Jeanne listen when Kemba Walker's Out There He commands a lot more attention than Richard does or, you know, whoever else you know Waters or whoever you want to put in there. So it's a little bit of a trickle-down effect. I will say I liked that song even though Tatum was off he found other ways to contribute. I mean triple-double tonight, you know, you don't want to just sniffed that away so credit credit for that

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