Bruce Tulgan: The Art of Indispensable Leadership


Our guest on this show. Is bruce togan now. Bruce is a multi bestselling author of no less than wait for it. Twenty one books books such as it's okay to be a boss. He's the founder and ceo of rain make thinking management research and training firm who've interviewed over half a million people for more than four hundred organizations ladies and gentlemen. Please put your hands together and help me welcome recovering lawyer rav harvard. I got done by the the award for the best introduction. I've ever received thank you. He's recovering lawyer. Before i've been doing this for twenty seven years and i don't think anyone has ever introduced me quite like that. So thank you. Thank you What an honor to be here with you and a privilege. And i'm really looking forward to the governor. Thank you so. That's very kind now where we always like to stop. The show is in this place. This leadership show and every amenities dog number woman seem to be convinced that they're an influence. So what i liked always the show with who is somebody that we may not have thought of may not be top of mind trust who has been a real influence on you and on your leadership even if somebody we don't know would never think of yeah. I mean look i mean. I've been doing this for twenty seven years when i say this. I mean not working. But watching people work and taking notes and interviewing people about their work and taking notes and so along the way i've met So many Ceo's and But also. Along the way i've met plenty of people on the front lines you know. I've learned as much from people who manage folks who empty bedpans in nursing homes As i have from some of the most powerful ceos in the world.

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