132: Telling the Story of Fred Hampton


Understand that race is an excuse. You know the racism is give it back in the hands of people. We will have to pay back in nineteen sixty nine. The police in the panthers were battling across the country. Gunfights had left casualties. on both sides. At the age of twenty one hampton had already been jailed on charges of robbing ice cream with a harsh sentencing. He knew his life was in danger. Dad tall back out of bed. Hard dad call among cancel down going yields and bad things. Dad that as relevance do in the struggle and. I just wanted to be bad struggle. They're still going to comment while she in december nine hundred sixty nine chicago police raided hamptons apartment in the middle of the night. Sprain machine gun fire while he and others were sleeping. Ballistic tests later showed that the police fired more than ninety shots and the panthers. Just one hamptons. Nineteen year old fiancee. Deborah johnson now named cooler and jerry was eight months pregnant in sleeping next to him. She's interviewed in the murder of fred hampton recalling the night of the raid. It puts the brother by the kitchen. Door told us to face wall peak saying he's barely alive barely making assume they were talking about him This data shooting peas should not tuna game artist screen. Stop shooting p exceed did now. Ps one may never really happy you know. Tell days the murder of fred. Hampton came out in nineteen seventy-one it documents. A law enforcement officials repeatedly lied about what happened that night. But there were further truths to be uncovered two decades later. Another documentary shined new light on the case. I know the one thing we did is

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