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Of the city where you will find amadeu modigliani street set in a neighborhood of streets named for jewish artists one for the great german jewish impressionist a lesser another for the polish italian american jewish sculptor. Enrico blitstein another name for the art academy and so on all of these near the tel aviv. Art museum it was on amodio modigliani street that the writer literary scholar and flan you're ram balabagn was strolling recently with a friend named norm. Think who grew up on mood but hadn't been back there for more than fifty years. When think said quote in the sixties designed said ud modigliani because the municipal signed department did not like the fact that the famous painter converted to christianity when he was older and quote these days though. There is no trace of your dj. Ed rather just throw modigliani. Which is so odd. And i'm not made of stone so i looked it up in nineteen eighty five book about tel-aviv by a man named eliahu alcon. There is a photograph of an old street sign and it in fact reads dj modigliani. The city archives are closed for the corona. So i couldn't look there. But i found in the may tenth nineteen fifty four edition of maariv. An article called streets in tel aviv. Oriented sorry a renowned and the founder editor of the tabloid. Ha olam has air k. Sorry wrote quote. One day i get in a cab to go to yoav street. The driver doesn't ask me where it is or how to get there. We drive in. Suddenly the driver's stops near the number house. I asked for but it's on your dj diani street and he says to me. We're here how i ask him. We were going to you up street. Why did you take to move the army. What differences make. he says. the point isn't the name it's the street. This is your street. He was categorical in declaration. So much so that. I believe them and got out and i was right to do it because he was not wrong. Inside the apartment building. I found my friend after we talked about this and that i asked him out of curiosity by the way you live on your street or madani. He smiled and explained to me. It was you

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