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864758. It's partly sunny with highs in the upper sixties. A stall has cleared a No. I'm on the wrong a traffic teeth. I'm so sorry, J. You're talking about a crash on the one on one, right? Yeah, This is going Hollywood, north and south of the one the one in Santa Monica Boulevard where the far right lane is taking away and things are pretty slow is you're coming away from Melrose. Step inside. Also little bit crowded, coming away from Vermont over to the 1 10, by the way, the north outside of 1 10 Freeway is going to slow down from Manchester over to the one the one that a bit of slowing in the supposed to pass out. But instead of the four or five from Mulholland over to sunset, and if you're making the right intermission behold north outside of vibrant before you get to look pause. As for a stolen car has the purple rain take it away and things that really jammed up come play from a brigade. If I This guy helps get you there Faster. I'm Jalen. Small business owners. Is your Internet making office tasks painfully slow. Your file. Upload speeds Sluggish.

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