Microsoft unveils Mesh, and dives into mixed reality


Microsoft also released to reporters from their. Nda's to talk about something called microsoft mesh. It's microsoft system for virtual tele presence being demonstrated on hollow lens but meant to work with whatever mixed reality headset. You're wearing microsoft. Wants all the people including to work with this avatars in microsoft mess are mostly cartoons. But you can scan yourself to become something. Microsoft is calling a hollow something that microsoft technical fellow alex kitman actually showed up at the nineteen early versions of mesh. Were used by diplo at burning man's virtual event if you remember that niantic is working on using mesh for polk mongo where people were headsets out in the real world could have they're poking on battles in the real world cirque du soleil founder a guy labor labor day is developing virtual immersive theater spaces with the hanae world project. So you wouldn't have to be at the theater to be able to experience the theatrical production james cameron's xs using it for people to experience three d maps of what deep divers are discovering on the ocean floor so people can be up in an office on the boat and see what the probe or the divers are seeing down on the floor. Essentially this is microsoft's played to be the platform for collaborative mixed reality. All of ignite was conducted on microsoft. Mesh if you had the right equipment you could access it that way all space. vr apps. We'll get an upgrade to support. Mash and a preview app is coming to hollow lens. Those are the first two ways you'll be able to see it but it's also planned to come to teams and dynamics three sixty five developer tools are expected in the coming months for that third party integration that they're hoping to get But this is a very robust platform has a lot of promise proofs always in the pudding when you get people actually working on it. How well it actually works and what people use it for but microsoft really smart making an early play to say. Yeah we got hololens but we want to be the platform that everybody

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