Microsoft announces passwordless authentication in Azure


Microsoft announced his end to end encryption support for teams plus password list loggins microsoft announced that it is adding end to end encryption support to microsoft teams later this year at its ignite conference yesterday. It stated that preview of end to end encryption teams will be available in the first half of this year for commercial customers it will be available for one to one unscheduled teams calls and is designed for more sensitive conversations. This is something that its main competitor. Slack does not currently have microsoft also announced that it is making password list lugging a standard feature for as your active directory. A cloud based service customers can use to handle their employees logging chores. Us unprepared for a competition with china. Commission finds a comprehensive report released this week by the national security commission on artificial intelligence states that white house leadership and a substantial investment will both be needed to ensure us superiority in artificial intelligence by twenty twenty five commission. Chair and former. Google chief executive eric schmidt said he believes china is catching the. Us up on a initiatives proposed by the commission include the creation of technology competitive council within the white house to be chaired by the vice president. A steering committee on emerging technology within the defense department to coordinate an advance implementation of technology and d creation of an accredited degree granting digital services academy to help build a pipeline of civil service tech tyrant. Tom cruise deepfake videos rattled security. Experts three mysterious deepfake videos of tom cruise. That have gone. viral on. Tiktok are the handiwork of chris. Ume a video visual effects specialist from belgium. The videos have drawn attention from experts and non experts alike for being among the most convincing. Examples of the genre of fake videos yet produced deepfakes created using artificial intelligence that uses a technique to train to neural networks in tandem to either create or identify facial imagery while some technologists security experts. Fear deepfakes will become a potent weapon for political disinformation. Chris downplays such concerns saying quote consumers. Just need to become more skeptical of what they see and quote carmen. Ransomware makes it easy and cheap to launch attacks. A new ransomware. Do it yourself. Kit called carmen k. A. r. m. e. n. Is making it easy. For one of these cybercriminals to launch ransomware attacks packaged with small loader and also small in size it can detect if it is operating in a sandbox environments and can automatically delete portions of its code to prevent security researchers from analyzing it carmen scrambled files with eighty s. Two fifty six bit encryption and operates with minimal connections to its command and control server as a ransomware as a service product. Carmen automates many processes including payment processing so users can concentrate on distributing the rent somewhere at one hundred and seventy five dollars. Carmen lowers the barrier to entry to the ransomware market.

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