I did one more gye cost band now. You see that cost out and started listening. I took my microphone bounce human then i recalled it all the noise while i name as at buxton i want you to enjoy. That's the hey how you doing podcasts. At buxton here join today. In the fields of east anglia. By rosie buxton huff whippet half poodle. All great friend. Rosie is up ahead still on the mend after about the ill-health a few weeks back a little bit up and down. But she's much perkier on the whole. I imagined that she's pretty pleased that she has somehow wangled a fulltime spot on the marital bed. My wife's very happy about it too. Oh it's so nice having have She's so sweet. She's no trouble. She calls up. Yeah kind of didn't get that much sleep last night. Because she was called up right in the middle of my side i kept on waking up to find a role. Luxuriously stretched out reminded me of when the children were small. Which i suppose is quite nice but little bit uncomfortable. But what's the weather like buckles. Well i would say that's how the weather full costs will be in the future just annoys fool and today it's after a few very spring days. It's gone massively gray like a blank day anyway. Luckily i'm able to plug the grayness with a riot of podcasting color. Courtesy of my guests today for podcast number one hundred fifty one. They are of course. The english ice dont says and former british european olympic and world champions jayne torvill and christopher dean they. The first sports people to have appeared on the podcast. I'm sure they're not the first people who like sport that i've spoken to even though some of you may know. Sport is fairly low. Priority for me but i think they might be the first professional sports people on the podcast so far of facts. Jane age sixty. Three's speak hope chain doesn't mind me mentioning her age at the top there. I mentioned the age of many of my guests as regular listeners. Will know just because i don't know i just like knowing people's h. Doesn't really change the way. I behave towards the my hope. What does it anyway. Jane grew up nothing. Uk where she skated from the age of eight eventually partnering up with christopher dean when she was eighteen christopher currently aged sixty two grew up in lancashire leaving school aged sixteen to become a police cadet not long after joining the force. He

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