Are You Smarter Than A Toilet?


Okay ready to go. How are we getting their guy. That is used scared me god. Did you hear getting the gang back together. We're like harry run and her miami. Obviously harry sorry. Dennis really love for you to come but for taking guy roz yellow bananas scooter. And you know. It's only got seating for two people vote and a giant pigeon. Aw plus we need you here to spy on the neighborhood and watch out for danger. I guess yeah. We promised bring back a souvenir. Dierk many yoga. I think we have a little problem. Why what's going on. Well i kick it the banana scooter to start. It seems like the battery might dead. Maybe the banana is overweight. You know according to popular fruit and veg mechanics magazine. Overripe produce is the number one problem with perishable transportation. Know what happened to have your rollerblades handy do you. Oh boy. Do i know almost reggie got to ride gadfly dennis. Thank you still got. Tripling is the banana scooter. All the way down to the convention center. No problem indie rollerblades. Four oh come on you to hand you reggie. The entrance is right over there. What what what what i wear. Welcome to the bathroom showcase. Are you considering bathroom remodel. Yes i am looking to build a bear tuba lazy river in my bath. Tab and my buddy guy over here is tired of pooping in the kitchen sink. Mendy danny house. Well actually. It's a solar powered energy efficient. Modular in oversized debbie doll dream. Well i think that it's just super and i believe we've got some lovely compact laboratory options that you are going to a door. Come with me right this way but what what what what look at this of this place mindy now over here to the left you'll see be during the latest in portal body technology. Oh i think you mean florida party right. Yeah as in portable potties not poor tongue or tau you see traditional porta potties. Need to be transported to a location but but let me guess portal. Transport i bingo. Oh it's like the rollerblades of toilets now that something. I can get my behind behind once properly tested. These portal policies will be able to transport poopers through time and space past or future time. Travelling toilet signed me up. I want to see inside. Oh please don't go in their bodies bigger than your new house guy. Rise please sir. The portals are highly unstable. They have access to urine and feces from all of human history. Do i just flush myself to another car. What no sir please. it's just a prototype with. It's still in beta testing.

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