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The moroccan government suspense communication with the german embassy. The japanese foreign ministry ass china to stop forcing their diplomats to anal cova tests. French president macron admits to war crimes committed during the algerian war of independence and a plane is forced to land after a wildcat attacks. The pilot this is the world large. We are politics one thousand and one thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us. Through the link in our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further. Ado please enjoy this. Episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the world at large clearly. Johnny by the intro. We have some very bizarre stories going on in the world. So i wanna hear about as soon as possible slow go. I will go. But i wanted to get this news as soon as possible. Ian ian has to continue to laugh at the trump. He thought that was hilarious. So i stick. I don't know what he's talking to stick around until the end of the podcast listens bloopers because Ian clearly is not able to keep themselves together. Who filming intro. So look forward to that guys must have been somebody of. Yeah okay. Well it's the person in the back of the types of script to our podcast like one of those people in the courtroom Type was them. But i called out. Can't remember the politics The moroccan the story of the day That's what we're here for is so a lot of news but we're going to be starting out in morocco. That is because the moroccan government has suspended its ties with the german embassy located in the capital robot. So they do this well that my friends is very good question. It's quite complicated. The moroccan governor did not say specifically as to why they suspended ties. But we can do some inferring. A us geo political experts can do we can conjure up some inferences so contract your finest inference. Sergio political experts are. I will hall nas outboards. He is the minister of morocco. He said that this was due to germany. Not understanding the priorities of moroccan foreign policy so that is purposely. Vague is if he said something specific that you can get into a whole lot of hullabaloo with a bunch of other neighbors so You gotta keep fake. That's normally have geopolitics is Is one country. Does something bad than liked one of another country didn't like it. They'll they'll condemn like the general action said of that country specifically Just so does not point fingers but like you kind of know what they're trying to set. I'm have reported to set this in a statement. He said an morocco wishes to preserve its relationship with germany but this is a form of warning expressing unease over many issues there will be no contact until we have received answers to various questions. We have post so this has to do with a few things. Let's do something for instance so before. President trump left office. He recognized bronco sovereignty over the western sahara of and this is a region in the south of morocco. It's very very westernmost point in the last point in In africa that believe spanish actually ended up holding It's its last hurt. They lost in africa. And it's not home to that many people it's very desert area but there's there's hundreds of thousands of people that live there although most of them are concentrated in the north under rocket control on there is still a large movement Pushing for the independence of western sahara. We'll get into that in a minute. However trump recognized rock sovereignty over this region And this is different because most westernized industrial powers tend not they tended to stay very neutral on his We organized western sahara that. That's an issue. it's not. It's not in our best interest to do that. He did that because he wanted morocco to recognize the state of israel. So it's kind of like a trade off the. Us will recognize western sahara as rockin and rocco put your arm around israel to make some peace happen over here right. We got it become friends. Little they did. They became friends and well banda. I mean we'll see how that plays out but that's what actually happened in. So the german government proceeded at the time to criticize his action by the united states. Saying that the essentially the. Us should not have done that. You were supposed to be neutral in this type of stuff. You shouldn't be trading this just for political gain which israel recognizing rock recognizing israel as a state Is what was considered to be political. Game for president trump. So that's the german government was trying to say is. That's a bad idea but there are people is independence movement. The official stance of the united nations is that Western sahara has the right to self-determination so kind of going against that by giving them the ability to wrap giving morocco the official declaration that western sahara is officially. there's So when all said and done after this reaction after us did all that This angered the moroccan government They want less than they think. It's there's the the citizens of iraq or very passionate about but this part of the region of this part of the world using under it being a of their country of this. The it's very high support for this but outside of there is a lot of dispute was lost. People are very against morocco part Government was very angry. They don't like that on. The german government criticized at least this and so this is where we're going to get into the conflict there and this is because of the conflict with the polisario front which vice for an independent state in the western sahara region. And they only control about twenty percent of the region controls the other eighty percent. But they're trying their best and they'll get there one day. Maybe this is obviously. As i said earlier this conflicts back when the spanish us to rule the western sahara and since then the region has been tossed around by different governments. No no one has really control the entire thing since the spanish haven't even that there's been a lot of civil war because spanish kinda they were facing a lot of rebellions. Didn't to deal with it so martinez like hey let me take that off your hands for you It so it's spanish. Know what finally gave it to them then. There is a war there in which there is another rebellion and and Martin ended up pulling out in giving it to them. However morocco has continued to assert its claims over the region And so that's kind of where the monitor conflict is coming from and so the nation that's actually trying to develop in the western sahara's the saw suhari arab democratic republic Which has been stabbed share. They recognize themselves as a state. They're trying to become a sovereign country however the united nations has not actually set like. Yeah you can be a country that they haven't done anything they have done that your recommendation stuff and everyone knows if you're going to be in the cool kids club to be a country gotta have the un recognize you. I'm i'm sorry guys if it's just gotta happen So that the titans taking admitted into the into the elite elite savini country. It's the un is not recognize that instead of they

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